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Suva city

18th February 2010


Suva is a sprawling melting pot of a city, in this pot in a blend of different nationalities and a vast range of poverty and wealth. Situated on a harbour, the city has fantastic ocean views and the locals have fishing and diving on their doorstep. It is not the cleanest city in the world, but if you look past that factor, there are a lot of rewards to be had. If your time in Fiji is short, I would stick to the Islands and more outer options, but if you have time then Suva is worth a visit to experience.

Multi cultural

Fijian people are the population majority, followed by Indian, Chinese and Europeans, then you have a the mixes, or fruit salads as they are known here. All these people bring their cooking, arts and ways to give Suva a unique flavour. Eating out offers great curries, old authentic Chinese, Japanese and modern international cuisine (fiji style). There are also small local food options and the evening BBQ’s that pop up around the city, however these are only a real option after a night out on the town.

City Scenes

From 4 story shopping mauls, to tiny shops as wide as a an oven, Suva is a colourful & sometimes overly noisy shopping maze. Getting lost in dingy stores, ducking into modern clean ones with air conditioning and navigating the windy streets makes for an interesting venture into town. There are also loads of coffee shops, rest points. One of my favourites is an ice cream from the Hare Krishna Shop, home made and delicious. So throw caution to the wind, embark on a roller coaster of variety and give Suva a visit. With backpackers & flash hotels make it an overnight stay at least, then you get to sample the nightlife Island Style and in the morning you can check out the Museum.

Striking distance from Suva

If time is not against you, there are a few options in the wider Suva area. Colo I Suva is a National Park 15 minutes ride from the CBD, walking into the bush you can see a bit of the Fijian nature and cool off in a natural water hole at the base of the walk. The locals will most likely be there and showing their aerial abilities with dives and bombs from scary heights, as they say on TV please don’t try this yourself! Nausouri is a 30 minute taxi ride away and offers a mellow look into an outer town of the capital, to be honest there is not much to see, but for a change of scene and the chance to find some retro collectibles in some stares it is an option.

Suva markets

the old Parliament Buildings, central Suva

a view from the Suva sea wall

Colo I Suva & it's cooling pool