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Levuka- the old world

26th March 2010


If you want to get cast back in time, a visit to Levuka the old capital of Fiji is the best bet. This little township has you walking about and thinking cowboys were here not too long ago, and you would be right. In a typical original port of a new nation, Levuka had it all. Thousands of ships bringing their goodies, and dropping off a lot of baddies along the way.

What is left today is a mind trip to visit and this little place is at peace. The buildings and Colonial Architecture greet your eyes with colour and variety, even the most established businesses in Fiji have a retro style building in Levuka.

The locals are all friendly, the pace of life is slow and this adds to the holiday feel. The roads and alleys offer a lot for a random stroll, you need not worry about getting lost, there is a steep hill on one side, the ocean on the other and town in the middle.

Roaming in Levuka your mind is in a time machine, things do seem ancient and very far removed from the modern, busy world, this thought is constant and with it you appreciate a slice of life that is trapped in a great way.

For accommodation there are a few options, my preferred is at the Levuka Homestay, John and Marilyn have a beautiful boutique Bed & Breakfast, it is a perfect shelter after all the walking and eating. Perched high on their deck is the best sunset view and chats Levuka can offer, the same location is where you have a wonderful home cooked brekie the next morning. 

John and Marilyn are all about the locals, they connect you with the taxi drivers for your tours and pickups, and their table is graced with the finest village fruits, chutneys and jams.

The whole Island is easy to circular navigate in anywhere from 3- 6 hours, depending on the amount of walks, swims and picnics you opt for. My suggestion would be to save it to the last day when you leave for the airport, it is a good tour to leave the island thinking of.

Back in the Levuka town, for the more adventurous there are cool walks up into the high mountain ranges behind. The views are fantastic and the locals are always happy to share stories, point out the local creatures and generally share their ancestors history, all good stuff. Diving is also a marvelous option. For more in-depth options with this talk with the Levuka Homestay for the best people, as well as checking for availability.


the Catholic Church

the main street in Levuka & the best Cafe

the local barber

quaint old shops