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Fiji is a land that loves to give

11th March 2010

In this time of global financial crisis, wars and mayhem, it is nice to find places on this planet that are stuck in ancient ways and values. Fiji is a country that will strike you in so many good ways, the people are friendly and this is not a fake style, it comes from a deep and wonderful place. The naturalism and captivating view of a Fijian smile will linger with you long after the coconut palm vista leaves your memory bank.

Being lucky enough to live and work in Fiji, I get to travel a lot throughout the Islands taking photographs. From 5 star, to no star, to under the stars this nation has a lot to soak up. Yes Fiji has some insanely good beaches, diving and touristic spots, it also has some relatively untouched spots to savour. In time I will share some inside info on people and spots that elude most guidebooks, for now though it is time for a basic crash course on Fiji.

For English speaking people the Fijian language is pretty easy to pick up, words sound like they seem, and people here love it when you give it a crack to speak their way. Even little aspects like hello, thanks & good morning are received very well, once you master a few basics the locals will light up around your effort. You will also soon learn people of Fiji love talking with your eyes as well, the eyebrows wiggle up and down for a yes, or I agree and trust me it won’t be too long until you too are talking with the eye region.  Try a little bit of the list below and you will soon be on track to being at one with Fiji.

Bulahello in Fijian
Yadrais good morning
Moce – is good bye
Kaivalagiis a person from afar, or another land
Kaivitiis a person from Fiji
Kana vinakathank you for the food

These few words will take you very far, the only tricky one is Moce (say these 2 words quickly and u have it right- more there.) In Fijiian the C is sounded th.

This pioneer blog will end with some images of Fiji, this is a mere entrée of what is on offer and over the coming months more and more will be shared of my Fiji.

Traditional fishing

Scenes in the Rewa River

Fire Walking in Beqa

Royal Davui Island