Rugby photography

Zoomfiji covers a lot of Rugby in the Oceania region. Being lucky enough to be sideline and witness the effort and hear the hits that go on the field, we are full of respect for the players of Oceania. In this global environment it is usually a struggle financially, however the teams and clubs of Oceania are passionate and the game is seriously alive across the Islands.

Grass Roots

Along this journey of photography, we try to widen the scope of the game and also visit grass roots rugby, as this is where all the stars originally come from. Even without a ball the village kids will use an empty bottle, or roll up a few t/shirts for a game. This is where the heart beat of the game is in Oceania, where the love of the game is ignited as they replicate their country’s heroes.

IRB in Oceania

Zoomfiji contracts to the IRB to photograph rugby, we are proud to be associated with the IRB and can’t say enough of how much they are doing to grow the game. This is not a grease up comment, it is one that is so genuine and thankful for all the IRB does in the Oceania Region.

For more info on Oceania rugby you can check out the official site

Oceania Rugby

Zoomfiji loves rugby and this work is an ongoing project on the official IRB site for Oceania. If you have any images & or stories of rugby in the Oceania region, please touch base with us.

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