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23rd April 2010

Fiji has been a massive part of my life. Every time I hear the word Fiji I smile and to live in this country makes me feel at ease, at times it drives me crazy, but I think that will be the same anywhere on earth & 97% of the time it is bliss.

For the connection I have to firstly thank my ancestors, in particular a man called Jacob Storck (my great great grandfather), this guy came to Fiji at the age of 23 to explore the plant life. Since that day in 1860 our family has had ties in Fiji. Jacob sailed the wild seas, then he navigated the jungle, found and documented plants across Fiji. They were interesting times back then, cannibalism was in full swing and the raw aspects of Fiji appealed to him as he stayed for his entire life.

Running down the family tree a bit my wonderful mother met a Kiwi guy and had me and my brother in New Zealand, where I was raised. Schooled in NZ we always came to Fiji for the Christmas holidays, those 3 month blocks still fill my life with joy and etched the path that I am on now. Firstly my lovely Grandmother made dresses and sold them for our trips back, when I got here it was so warm and the thought of a night swim as a kid was my treat of treats. The next most compelling aspect of Fiji was the way people live, they are in the moment and love to have fun. All through my school day visits there was no TV and we had to spark our creativity in other ways.


My uncles are my next big Fiji influence, they are all very successful people, but they also know when it is time to have a break and embrace life and family.  My Uncle Bruce would take us on the boat, exploring new Islands and snorkeling away in our youth, even if we arrived on a Wednesday he was there to get us and adventure time was on. Making time, having time, or what ever you want to call it is a natural way here, the successful ones are still very driven and  professional, but they also know how to LIVE. I am thankful for their influence, big time.

In a nut shell Fiji has a way, people here are very creative and industrious. They love to laugh, love to hassle each other and love to eat. Some things run on Fijitime, a tad slower than the western world, but once you know the code of life here you can fast track things way more than you could in another country.


Loloma is the word for love in Fijian. My mother and family are full of this stuff, galaxies worth of it. Fiji too is a place that loloma is shared, the people here will give you anything, if you say oh man that shirt is cool, off it comes and they hand it over. Money is secondary to Fijian’s and their natural way is to smile & to say Bula- hello.

These photos are a cross spectrum of mine, the first is what the native people looked like when my blood set foot in Fiji. The home is a beautiful spot on the coast from Nadi, this family will be poor in wealth, but rich in life. They have beaten flat 44 gallon barrel drums to create the base of this home, the top is a traditional Fijian style. The last photo is from my first ever commercial job in Fiji- at Toberua Island. This Bure is also where I stayed the night and cemented the knowledge that the dream can happen if you believe in it.

this photo was taken in 1860 when my great great grandfather arrived in Fiji

a creative home in Fiji

another amazing office for the night for me