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The digital revolution means photos get seen.

28th May 2010

The digital revolution means photos get seen.

Photography has and still is a magical process; in the old days it was dark rooms and smelly- bad for you chemicals to develop an image. Amazing as it was to see a photograph appear out of nothing under the safe red light, dark room days are a thing of the past.

This modern photography world sees most people roam the world with a wee digital thing in their pocket, or in their phone that can take photos. The digital advancement has seen a lot of the mystery taken out of taking an image, especially as we can actually see what we have just taken. It does have its limits, but the best photographs start with actually having a camera on you, not muttering to yourself- “man I wish I had my camera for this”.

Newish camera’s big or small offer a lot, some have face recognition and assist with almost everything to get a decent shot. In ideal conditions they can match almost any of the pro cameras on the market (within reason).

I feel the greatest revolution of this photo shift is that the end product is way more seen than ever before. Gone are the days of sifting through someone’s albums in their lounge- as they worry that you are not damaging them or putting your greasy fingers all over their holiday memories. Facebook, e mail and blogs mean that quickly and easily mega people can see your imagery. They can look if they want, they can even comment on how you did, or how you look.

A photograph is like a thought in your mind, you can choose to share it, store it only for you, or select the ones you want to see it at will. Some photos are average, some are just a guide of what you saw, how a place was or how horrible something might have been, pure documentation. Some images are priceless and will get more and more valuable in time. These are the ones I want to focus on, excuse the pun.

Life is a wicked thing at times, people can leave this earth when you least expect it and all of a sudden all we have is thought and photos. Without seeming morbid I do want to accentuate the true value of capturing some one. Get your cameras out; take images of people around you and things you love. Put them up on sites, print them, make cards and get imagery alive around you. If you are lucky everyone around you will get more and more wrinkly and you can continue to photograph them in life! Luckily us artistic types can just say age is character.

Every job I do I truly value that I am there to capture a memory bank of this event, especially weddings. I concentrate on my couple paramount, I be as creative as I can for them, if they are with friends and family I also get great shots of their favourite souls along the way. In the hype of a wedding it is consuming and a lot of emotions and joy fly around, ducking and weaving amongst all of this allows for some dream chances to get people at their best, content and happy, either for themselves or others. This is why I shoot weddings, I also know in time my images I give will be more more and more valuable, not in a $ sense, but the value that is priceless.

precious Fiji image 4 me- blonde me in the middle, & my bro right

a cool scene i stumbled on in Samoa

another cool smile memory from Samoa

Natalie my beautiful sister in-law that sadly passed away.