Fiji Shoot Synopsis

There’s more to Fiji than the view from a beach towel; there’s Adventure, Culture and Landscapes that will mesmerize you long after the holiday is over. And all can be found within reach of each other.

Zoomfiji has unparalleled knowledge of these locations which can be maximized to purpose shoot several scenes. Managing 17 models and crew will require immaculate planning and organization, we have the know-how and the creative to make this campaign shine.

Our crew bring a wealth of experience to ensure a smooth running shoot. Drawing on elite cameramen in the stills and videography craft, we offer shooters and directors of televisions series, adverts and short films. This core knowledge will equip us to pre-plan all shots and deliver breathtaking scenes for the campaign.

Our approach will combine the stills and high definition video shoots, the lighting will be conducted to set the scene for both visual forms ensuring speed and complimentary imagery for moving and print mediums.

Zoomfiji has the upmost understanding and respect of the culture, traditions and taboo aspects having worked many projects and identifying and managing potential problems along the way.