Alice & John: Outrigger Resort

Alice and John, together with their families celebrated a truly unforgettable wedding day here in Fiji and we feel that it has been the greatest honor to have met such wonderful people and be entrusted with their precious wedding memories.

“I am his eyes and he is my confidence”, replied Alice when asked about her beloved John and these beautiful words certainly sum up this lovely couple.

To everyone present there was no doubt that Alice and John have their minds and hearts set on each other and their future, together. Coming from two tight-knit families there was an outpouring of love and thankfulness, emotion and elation throughout the day and we’re sure these sentiments will continue to follow Alice and John wherever they go.

Vinaka vakalevu for choosing us and we wish you happiness and lolomas always!

Team Zoom – Damo, Kiti, Dustin, Masada, Bruce, Elle, Bianca