Sacred Savusavu

Bula friends. Here is a wee taste of what we have captured in stills thus far in Savusavu. It was not ideal weather over the 4 days we were there, however I did get some images with heart and feel this community is something the world needs more of.

Here is the stills series I think is already enough to launch a campaign on the region. These will also help showcase the cinematography we are also shooting, my style is to shoot different angles and even scenes as the two forms don’t have to be the same, they just need to talk together and help promote each other, hence the need of difference. Stills will lead you to the short films. 

Savusavu has won my heart and I look forward to showing more of what I see. We have already found some wonderful people there and their openness to share and help has blown me away.

 Also please add in some thought and areas you want me to have a look at too, but hopefully this direction shows our intention, to connect people with emotions that are real in Savusavu.   

Vinaka Bruce