Tavu & Osea: Pearl Resort

Life is all about seeing the incredible and we have to say we have been lucky enough to see a lot of that with Osea Kolinisau involved. On the field he has never met his match, a champion for Fiji and a humble one at that. Off the field is a different story, the lovely Tavu is simply the perfection he deserves.

We could not be happier for for you two, seeing your families intertwine, share and laugh like only Islanders do made it even more special. It was also beautiful to see and hear Mr Kolinisau marry you both, emotional and right.

You both exuded calmness, clarity and realism that made everything around you better.

Thanks for having us along for your most important day of all and loloma from Bruce, Kitione, B, little Blake and team Zoomfiji, we are forever in your camp.