Photography for pleasure

Traveling with a camera or two is how I like to refresh my brain and experiment with my imagery. This started for me in Africa way back in the days of film. Moving around on trains and buses, I weaved my way through Africa for 4 months, where my passion for photography was born. The culture and vivaciousness of a way of life connected to wild animals sparked a love that has continued on.

Photography is much more than a job. It is something I genuinely enjoy and constantly strive to learn more about and develop my understanding of the art. My ultimate rule is to enjoy it. Even on big commercial shoots for international companies, I still focus on fun, and being there to deliver images of reality.

Capturing life

My understanding of photography evolves constantly.  One thing I know for sure is that it is a precious gift. My style is varied, and my workflow ranges from Tourism, to Rugby, Weddings, Advertising & charity work. Each of these has different requirements and dancing between them all keeps me fresh and interested in the challenges they can each present. Ideas from one area can help the other areas and my learning curve equips me to deliver when it is required.

This gallery is purely personal; not shot to sell, but shot to remember and to let you see a little of what I do to relax.

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