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Working and traveling throughout Fiji has its perks. At times it doesn’t even feel like work, like when I’m exploring and finding new stunning spots to shoot in the future. On this journey, I get to meet some of the country’s gems; the ones taking risks and starting up their own businesses, or people like the wonderful older lady Audrey that makes lovely cakes for tourists.

One thing is for sure: whereever your path takes you in the islands of Fiji, it will be raw and full of smiles. Fijiians are warm and there is no reason not to enjoy the ride in this place. At times it may not be as comfortable as privileged folks are used to, because reality is that Fiji is a developing nation- poor in the financial terms, but wealthy in terms of culture and gross national happiness.

In this blog I will share MY favorite places. Some of these will be commercial operations in some degree, some will be the swankiest resorts you can stay at, some will be out-there tips and places to get off the main track and see some of the heartland of Fiji.

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Volivoli Beach