Todranisiqa is one of my old favourites and a spot I always make an excuse to come back to, for the views, the calming feeling and the chats with May Goulding your host while you are there. She has two small private Bure’s to choose from, both are nestled on a hill with spectacular captivating views of the Ocean. Now her deck is a bit special, it has a knack of luring you for hours at a time in a trance, the scenes are blue and bluer- I have seen dolphins and whales from there and I am not using imagination to write this. Sunsets are second to none, this is where Todranisiga gets it’s name, the Fijian word means “the last of the daylight”.

Getting back to May, she will greet you from the airport and instantly you know you are with a well traveled soul, she is a local too and does all she can to link you with the genuine people of Taveuni. Be it a dive trip, or if you want lobster curry cooked by a local Indian, May has all the right connections.

This property is vast and in prime location, from here you can chill days away, or head off on walks, snorkeling, or visit a village for a taste of genuine Fiji. In the cup of tea sessions with May, she will ask your wants and do all she can to turn them into reality on the Garden Island- Taveuni.

To check availability you can e mail May at or call +679 9413985

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