With a passion for culture and travel, we are always documenting beautiful Fiji and its people. Our images are used to promote Fiji as a number one destination for luxury resorts, eco tourism and adventure travel.

Working extensively both inside and outside of Fiji and the Pacific, this wealth of exposure has created ideal positioning for ZoomFiji’s globally appealing photography. Using our foundation built on international awareness ensures we produce up-to-date, purposeful, striking work that will stand out in the highly competitive world market.

Culturally aware

Moving in circles from island royalty, to the less fortunate, ZoomFiji respects and knows Fijiian culture. Weaved into every one of our images is a piece of Fiji. We do all we can to transmit the real Fiji to the international world. We offer a window into Fiji through our imagery, helping tourists find their dream spot.

ZoomFiji prides itself on our ability to deliver stunning imagery and original concepts. Working in the cutting edge of advertising, ZoomFiji has produced imagery for many successful campaigns in the national and international market. We currently work with clients such as the Bank of New Zealand, Coca Cola, The United Nations, ANZ and the International Rugby Board, and Fiji Water.

Looking for off the beaten track spots in Fiji?

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